At the Anita Borg Institute, we celebrate and highlight the success of women technologists. We are inspired by their examples, moved by their sacrifices, and stirred by their extraordinary commitment to excellence, progress and creative problem-solving.

Each spring, the Anita Borg Institute hosts an awards banquet to celebrate the accomplishments of women in computing for leadership, entrepreneurship and inspiring others.

See our 2016 winners.

Student of Vision ABIE Award

The Student of Vision ABIE Award celebrates a student who has a unique vision and is making a difference in technology. She is passionate about innovative technologies or inspires other women to participate in computing. Nominations closed January 11, 2016.


The ABIE Award for Leadership recognizes a technical woman who led an important technology development or innovation, made a significant contribution to the technology industry and inspired others with her work. We give this award at Women of Vision. Nominations closed December 14, 2015.


The ABIE Award for Technology Entrepreneurship recognizes a woman who is the builder of an innovative, ground-breaking and game-changing technology startup either within a larger organization or independently. We give this award at Women of Vision. Nominations closed December 14, 2015.